Technical Support

Focus on Business not Infrastructure…. 

Our typical customer utilises many technologies to interact with their staff, customers and suppliers; internal servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, PABX systems, VOIP, monitoring systems, access control and many others. The range of skills needed to manage all these technologies and their effects on the business are better outsourced, allowing them to focus on their core competence rather than increasing their cost base unnecessarily. Costs should only ever add value in a business. Having an internal support structure may not always be the most economical use of money spent.

Comprehensive Support.... A client in the medical sector came to us with a number of business issues that were affecting their ability to effectively manage the organisation day to day. Worries about network security and back-up, staff having access to the wrong files, insufficient remote access to the network for the senior partners and deteriorating server performance prompted them to call on Panoptic Systems for help.

Getting The Fundamentals Right…. The server room, at the centre of the organisation’s IT infrastructure contained poorly performing and unstable hardware with confusion regarding what piece of equipment did what. A complete reorganisation and overhaul of hardware was required to avoid impending failure. These preventative measures ensured that downtime was avoided, equipment life was extended and costs were reduced.

Security and Peace of Mind…. More control of domains and user rights was required to meet internal security and external compliance requirements. In addition, vital data was not being backed up off site, risking catastrophic loss of company information. With the reconfiguration of domains, correct user access rights and a fully managed Cloud back-up service, our client’s systems are now safe and secure.

Help at a Moment’s Notice…. Our clients need to know that when they need help, we are there without delay. E-mail support, on-site and remote access support are all utilised to provide a fast and professional response. Avoiding costly fixed price support contracts, our clients benefit from a sliding scale of discounted support hours, meaning they only pay for support when it is needed. Our wide expertise provides the right solution, in the shortest amount of time – good for budgets, good for business!

Converge your IT devices!.... Our knowledge of servers, operating systems, mobile devices and PC Technology gives us the ability to bring it all together into one simplified view of the business process. Mobile devices enable users to be more effective and a lot of the work today is done outside of the office, opening up great business opportunities and increasing effectiveness, whilst reducing operational cost.

Why it makes Sense….

• Flexible support service, use us as you need us

• Sliding scale of support hours

• Full monthly reports and documentation supplied with all work carried out

• Broad experience on hand with the support of a whole team of experts

• Cheaper than employing IT staff

• Remote or on-site support

Your dedicated account manager will ensure that we fully understand your needs and react quickly and efficiently. Working with our team of specialists will take away all of those I.C.T. headaches and worries and will cost much less than employing permanent staff.

Panoptic provides SME & Corporate customers with high level IT support through a variety of flexible and innovative support options. We provide a virtual IT department, empowering our clients to maximize the benefits of their IT infrastructure - leaving them free to concentrate on running their own business.