Using iBuilder it is easy to generate document task flow compliant with ISO requirements. Employees will share a database including quality procedures, OSH or environment safety so that the categorized information can be easily found. Managing complaint information flow and status will enable faster processing of tasks and thus ensure the highest quality of products and services offered.

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Examine quality procedures obedience.

With iBuilder you will generate document task flow compliant with the implemented ISO requirements. Everyone will receive tasks on time, without unnecessary administrative delay. It will be clear who is responsible for each given document and where it came from. This will help to comply with procedures fluently and without issues. 

Share knowledge database.

Employees using iBuilder will gain access to a database including quality procedures, OSH or environment safety. As a result all the categorized information can be easily found. This tool will help to train employees more rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, having exact data at hand, implementing and operating a quality management system will become a natural business process.

Manage complaints more efficiently.

With iBuilder the process of dealing with complaints will become more straightforward for the customers and the employees as well. Application of existing procedures and integration with other company tools within the iBuilder platform will ensure a quality service is maintained.

Co-operate to face quality procedures.

Supported by iBuilder, your co-operation with other departments to preserve quality control system will become fruitful and effective as everyone will have access to requirements in force. All employees will be informed about new procedures and their implementation details. In addition, preparing reports regarding complaints in progress and forwarding appropriate information to other departments will be quicker.

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