InfoCentre is the hub for all of the functional modules, facilitating the exchange and sharing of information, including reporting. It is an information centre where content, messages and data deriving from individual modules are published. It also facilitates group work using themed notice boards and provides security mechanisms.

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Publishing and Managing Content.

Focus on the security and flexibility of published content. The security control system ensures that information and documents only reach the specified recipients. The easy to use content publication process allows many different users with skills and knowledge of a particular subject, to share directly to the system without reliance on an internal I.T. expert.

Any Graphic Design.

Can you imagine expanding access to computing applications not only for your staff, but also for your customers, even without any I.T. knowledge? Thanks to the flexibility of the graphic design, anyone can use the InfoCentre! The facility to adjust the graphic design and layout of content means that the application can be used by everyone: starting from shop floor staff, through financial directors, to your clients. By adapting the graphic design to the viewer you will simplify communication, resulting in greater time saved and increased satisfaction.

User Dashboard and Profile.

Are your staff or clients forced to use a whole host of I.T. systems in order to gain all the information they require? The user desktop not only makes it possible to share information about a given user but also, most importantly, it presents the information that interests them on one screen. They will not waste any more time making unnecessary phone calls, working their way through various systems or writing emails.

Themed and Project Notice Boards.

Do you spend a lot of time searching through your emails and documents? Using iBuilder, you can publish and share information amongst selected users within the framework of themed notice boards. Because all the information relating to a single project is made available, you will have quick access to the history, attachments, documents and comments from project participants. What's more, by creating notice boards for your clients, you will have the entire exchange of information with them in one place, and the knowledge will not get lost if the account manager changes or leaves.

Knowledge and Information Database.

Being able to access the knowledge resources in your business is vital. Build up a knowledge base! Take advantage of this easy and intuitive way to publish and share information, messages, announcements and other data that you consider to be important. The contextual search method will ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for, irrespective of whether this is the content of a document, a report, an attachment or any information inputted in the InfoCentre system.