The iBuilder structure

iBuilder is structured in a modular way, making it easy to use with business data from different sources. It is also scalable, which means that iBuilder is able to expand or contract to meet the needs of the user. Different language versions of iBuilder allow it to be implemented into different markets. Our solution is available through a web browser and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, using a variety of devices. The three-layer architecture and ready-made APIs for diverse back-office systems enable quick and easy implementation in every business environment.

iBuilder consists of 7 functional modules:

Content Management : Managing and publication of the portal's content

  • intuitive, graphic interface, editable in MS Word without the need to know HTML
  • creating user groups with different access restrictions (even for particular elements/components of different functionalities)
  • iBuilder Workflow & Document Management module improves the process of content publication

Collaboration & Community : Collaboration and community building

  • advanced information exchange within project groups
  • time and task management, sharing information in knowledge base
  • work organization – group calendars, shared assignments
  • sharing content – information, documents, calendars
  • community building, creating profiles, inviting friends, informal information exchange
  • triggering employee community

Workflow & Document Management : Managing documents and document and assignment workflow

  • advanced document repository
  • document version control and group work on documents
  • complex and flexible document and assignment workflow
  • time control and complete access to information concerning processes in progress

Workflow Studio : Graphical processes modelling

  • fully graphical business processes modeling without the need to know programming languages
  • defining unrestricted variables, forms, assignments
  • defining unlimited access scripts to back office systems, parallel assignments, sub-processes, timers

Reports : Reports creating and distribution 

  • Digital Dashboard
  • intuitive report presentation – pivot tables, charts
  • intuitive and flexible report making based in graphic interface
  • report automation

Commerce & Self Care : Ecommerce and follow-up tools

  • hierarchical product catalogue
  • on-line ordering system – ready-made plugins for back-office systems
  • customized user desktop
  • support and service desk

Project & Task Management : Managing Projects and Assignments

  • managing project portfolio
  • managing projects – assigning deadlines, content, Gantt charts
  • managing and logging worktime
  • ready-made reports, assignment flow and project control