Sales and customer service

iBuilder gives your customers access to tools that make communication with your company much more convenient. Information needed by the sales team is also readily available. Effective communication between the sales people and customers is improved. Customer specific offers can be created and the different project stages can be accessed and monitored. As a result, the customers will be served more quickly and effectivtively.

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Serve the customers better than others.

iBuilder helps to gather customer information in one place and join it with the data downloaded straight from the ERP system. The information and the data will be available for the sales team from any place, using a variety of portable devices. Employees will also be able to share information about competition activities, reports or market analyses. Having complete information at hand, customer service will become not only more efficient but more effective as well.

Give your customers communication tools.

iBuilder gives your customers access to tools that make communication with your company much more convenient. On-line offers, tailored price lists and current stock levels can be made available. The customers will be able to place orders themselves and these are automatically placed in the ERP system. The customers will have the opportunity to browse documents connected to orders, invoices and deliveries. It will provide your customers with a support and service centre to make them more comfortable and your company more profitable.

Manage your sales staff more effectively.

Giving your employees intuitive report tools, you will be able to monitor the sales process at any time. Effective communication between the salespeople will no longer be a problem. Moreover, the employees will spend less time on administrative tasks and will concentrate on customer service, as they will be able to manage regular tasks such as expense claims far more quickly than before.

Prepare the best offer.

Thanks to iBuilder you will have the opportunity to create and present your products in a well-ordered manner. It will be possible to create an individual proposal, along with the various stages of approval. Appropriate document flow will enable a fluent pass from the request for proposal, through the quotation and up to the sales close. As a result, more time can be spent on prospecting new accounts. The information about new contacts will be automatically passed to the appropriate employees and they will be able to manage the sales process more efficiently.

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