Marketing and PR

iBuilder guarantees continuous and more effective communication with mass media, business partners and customers. It will enable you to collect marketing information from all departments automatically and deliver it to all the relevant parties. 

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Provide the market with up-to-date information on your current actions.

Make all the current information accessible to the mass media. Whether it is a new offer, a successful advertisement or a reward – your information can be compiled and sent out automatically and immediately. The communication with media, partners and customers will be continuous and thus more effective. Press notes will be more accurate, partners better informed and customers more satisfied. 

Create social community within the company.

iBuilder gives you the opportunity to generate loyalty using the internal social network for co-workers. By exchanging information on current projects or even presenting holiday photos, sharing interesting links, chatting or writing a blog, co-workers become more involved and feel included. Group work will be improved using shared calendars and a forum with authorized threads and tools for shared document work. It will result in reducing the number of e-mails sent and the employees will be presented with the essential information they need.

Improve internal communication.

Updated information about the company, training, advertising campaigns, bonding events – these all are important facts about your company which are often mentioned on an old-fashioned notice board or are briefly summarized in a company bulletin. iBuilder will enable you to collect all the news from various departments in one place and will make it accessible immediately to all the employees. Furthermore, if your company introduces new products or services, iBuilder can be used for presenting all the information in a convenient and clear way. Wherever the employees are, they will gain instant access to it.

Create the right atmosphere for employee creativity.

Every day brings new ideas for products, services, advertising campaigns or improving company processes. However, they are often not introduced because of a lack of time or because they were not properly recorded. iBuilder is the place where all such ideas and hints associated with the company may be recorded quickly. In addition, anyone can go back to them and start their implementation. The employees, aware of the fact that their opinions and suggestions may influence day-to-day tasks, will feel more satisfied and valuable and the company will be perceived as an extremely innovative place to work.

Why Panoptic?

  • experienced team
  • deep knowledge of business processes 
  • trusted by business and government
  • systems integration specialist
  • In-house helpdesk and support
  • best practices