iBuilder gives you the opportunity to facilitate business communication in the company effectively. It will be possible to control the achievement of the long-term objectives of the company. Moreover, making use of the Dashboard, all the information about urgent situations will be clearly displayed on one screen.

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Expand the possibilities of your company.

iBuilder implementation in a company helps the users to exchange business information effectively. Data from various sources will be easily accessible for everyone. Numerous processes, which are time-consuming at the moment, will be automated. Thus, employees will have the opportunity to focus on creating new solutions and gaining competitive advantage. 

Check if your company is successful.

iBuilder allows you to download, process and present data that will illustrate the level of implementation of the long-term objectives of the company. Apart from the traditional financial result index, it will be possible to measure benefits deriving from the development of leading abilities, commitment, the level of customer service and satisfaction.

Control all the functional areas in the company.

Being used by all the departments of a company, iBuilder gives you a chance to control all the areas by delivering only the essential information related with the implementation of the assignments. In addition, using the monitor tools – i.e. iBuilder dashboard – all the reports and data from various internal systems will be clearly displayed on a screen of any device connected to the Internet. Any information about urgent situations will be generated automatically and you will be able to react to any changes immediately. 

Assign tasks, distribute resources and monitor their implementation.

iBuilder can be used for assigning tasks to your employees, distributing resources and deadlines setting. Everyone will be aware of their duties and the time remaining. The control will be automated – after the deadline expires or a proper action is performed the information will be sent to your e-mail.

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