Human Resources.

With iBuilder your HR specialists will be able to work much more efficiently. They will be able to devote their time more on people than carrying out time consuming and repetitive I.T. jobs. iBuilder allows you to order and sort information about future and present employees. 

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Conduct and manage recruitment.

iBuilder lets you create dedicated websites and forms for recruiting given employee groups. A database of possible employees can be analyzed and searched considering specific abilities. 

Implement new staff faster and more efficiently.

With iBuilder you will be able to design and manage the various steps of implementing new employees. All responsible parties will be automatically informed about their duties and the new person will know exactly what to do. Getting acquanted with the company, training, assigning access to a computer, telephone or car will proceed systematically with the opportunity to examine the performance of each step.

Develop your staff.

Your employees will be able to gather experience from completed projects and share it with other people. This will help the retention of important resources which can be utilized by everyone in your company. By creating employees ability databases you will be able to set future training aims and plan development paths. Additionally, you will be able to design internal e-learning systems or even obtain feedback using questionnaires and forms.

Perform your HR/payroll duties automatically.

With iBuilder your people can fill in their personal files, work time accounts, holiday, sick days, business trips or training. Designing document flow only once for each process will make everyone aware what to do without asking the HR department. Information will reach people in charge at the relevant time and sequence. All the people engaged in the process will have access to the data  and its run-time.

Why Panoptic?

  • experienced team
  • deep knowledge of business processes 
  • trusted by business and government
  • systems integration specialist
  • In-house helpdesk and support
  • best practices