Using iBuilder the purchasing process can be managed and monitored. Suppliers can be given access to the communication platform, where you will be able to negotiate purchase prices and conditions for different items. 

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Receive the information about purchase needs automatically.

Sharing the purchase list with all the relevant people will enable you to collect information about the present purchasing needs without having to contact every department individually. You will have the opportunity to add appropriate comments and the employees will be updated about all the changes in the planned purchases. 

Analyze the suppliers’ market.

iBuilder will allow you to collect information about the suppliers and their offers. The ability to analyse and partition of all the data will help you make better decisions and the work of the department will be better organized. 

Negotiate prices and conditions of purchase.

iBuilder will give your suppliers access to the communication platform where price and condition negotiation will be possible. Suppliers will be effectively divided into groups depending on their products, regions or price levels. The process of presenting product demands, price negotiation and performing the purchase will be automated.

Department organisation, assignments tracking, reporting.

The work of a department may be organized more effectively if progress tracking of the assignments is introduced. You will be able to browse through reports and comply with the demands and purchasing policy of the company. iBuilder will allow you to optimize the purchase costs quickly and ensure proper realization of the tasks assigned.

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