iBuilder is a platform that can be used as a tool for organising communication between employees from various departments. The iBuilder tools enable the flow of documents and pre-numbered forms, so that it will be visible who is working on the document at any given time. 

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Arranging appointments.

iBuilder enables your employees to work on one shared calendar. So there is no need to check and confirm people’s availability to arrange appointments, visits or meetings. In the same way, booking conference rooms or multimedia devices is made easy and can be arranged by any authorised employee. Everyone will be able to see what is available and make a reservation.

Document management.

Most of the documents that emerge every day must be forwarded according to specified procedures. iBuilder tools enable the flow of documents and pre-numbered forms keeping visibility of who is working on the document at a given time.

Resources management.

iBuilder allows you to control available resources, such as mobile phones, personal computers or car fleet, in one place. The authorised employees will have access to the complete list of resources, their owners and the information about their distribution. The allotment or passing of the resources will follow automatic, fixed paths with approval at each stage of the procedure.

Sellling worn resources.

With iBuilder it will be possible to manage stocktaking of the worn resources and their sales in auctions. It will be possible to offer the resources in both external and internal auctions. You will be able to prepare an offer quickly and to present the conditions of the transaction. Therefore, the selling process will be completed effectively and promptly.

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