The iBuilder Solution

ERP systems (such as SAP, IFS, MS Dynamics NAV etc.) improve the company's back office management. In exactly the same way, being a ready-made and complete solution, iBuilder is the front office hub facilitating communication between employees, customers and the company's business partners.

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What will you achieve with iBuilder?

iBuilder will provide your employees, customers and partners with fast, safe and intuitive access to personalised information from any place and at any time. What's more, access to iBuilder is possible through a variety of mobile devices.

Thanks to iBuilder you gain

  • time saving
  • full control over the tasks being done
  • better work efficiency
  • safe access to information, orders, documents, tasks, procedures or invoices anytime you need them
  • independence from the people who provide information
  • electronic and controlled information flow with a digital signature
  • constant access to a continuously expanding knowledge base about the company, its customers and business partners
  • reduction in paper versions of documents and information archives
  • recognition of the company by the employees, customers and partners as a modern, friendly and innovative business

What advantages does iBuilder guarantee in particular areas of a company?


InfoCentre is the hub for all of the functional modules, facilitating the exchange and sharing of information, including reporting. It is an information centre where content, messages and data deriving from individual modules are published. Infocentre provides a specific, user definable area to display important information. Having the ability to maintain and access all the relevant data in one place saves times, increases efficiency and enables fast sharing of information with colleagues, customers and suppliers.   READ MORE...

Marketing and PR

Using iBuilder guarantees continuous and more effective communication with mass media, business partners and customers. iBuilder will enable you to collect marketing information from all the departments automatically and it will deliver it to all the people interested. Internal communication will be improved by developing the internal social network.  READ MORE...

Sales and customer service

iBuilder gives your customers access to tools that make communication with your company much more convenient. Information needed by the sales team is also readily available. Effective communication between the sales people and customers is improved. Customer specific offers can be created and the different project stages can be accessed and monitored. As a result, the customers will be served more quickly and effectivtively. READ MORE...


Using iBuilder the purchasing process can be managed and monitored. Suppliers can be given access to the communication platform, where you will be able to negotiate purchase prices and conditions for different items.  READ MORE...


iBuilder allows you to create a practical tool to manage IT infrastructure. Moreover, employees will be able to use internal databases with licenses, hardware or functionalities, without the need to call the IT department. iBuilder gives unlimited opportunities to integrate the existing back office systems into one, easy to access, platform.  READ MORE...


With iBuilder your HR specialists will be able to work much more efficiently. They will be able to devote their time more on people than carrying out time consuming and repetitive I.T. jobs. iBuilder allows you to order and sort information about future and present employees.  READ MORE...


Using iBuilder, it is easy to generate document task flow compliant with ISO requirements. Employees will share a database including quality procedures, OSH or environment safety so that the categorised information can be easily found. Managing complaint information flow and status will enable faster processing of tasks and thus ensure the highest quality of products and services offered.  READ MORE...


iBuilder gives you the opportunity to facilitate business communication in the company effectively. It will be possible to control the achievement of the long-term objectives of the company. Moreover, making use of the Dashboard, all the information about urgent situations will be clearly displayed on one screen.  READ MORE...


iBuilder allows you to perform analyses using data from different sources. What is more, browsing through multiple reports will be possible on one panel, activated in a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. If appropriate authorization is used, it will be possible to establish groups of people with the access to the information intended for them. You will be able to implement the existing financial document flow procedures into automated data flow. As a result, everyday duties will be performed more effectively and without delay.  READ MORE...


iBuilder is a platform that can be used as a tool for organising communication between employees from various departments. The iBuilder tools enable the flow of documents and pre-numbered forms, so that it will be visible who is working on the document at any given time.  READ MORE...