Activity Centre Management

Flexibook for Accommodation and Activities

Activity Centres often have to work with complex charging schemes, with a myriad of accommodation types and activities to manage. It is also vital that instructors can be added to activities based on their availability and often their ability or qualification to take a particular session. Centres can save a huge amount of administration time by using Flexibook to handle every process from enquiry to raising an invoice. With integration to SAGE Line 50, account details and invoices only have to be entered once in Flexibook.

Manage Accommodation

Set up and manage accommodation in hotels, houses, lodges and dormitories. According to the type of visitor, whether it is a school, youth organisation or corporate group you can manage the booking in a specific way and record appropriate information; send out confirmation letters and charge according to group and group type.

Manage Activities

Whatever activities you have available at your site, Flexibook can handle them. Configure the times at which they are available, book them in conjunction with accommodation or on their own. Activities managers may assign instructors by looking at a daily or weekly chart of all activity bookings.

Automatically Generate Letters and Emails

Generate booking confirmations and course documentation for each booking by mail merging booking data into letter templates. Print off or email with the click of a button.

Centrally Manage All Data

Reduce mistakes and duplicated effort with your entire customer, accounts and booking data in one central database.

Tailor Staff Permissions

Give individual users precise permissions to view and edit each piece of data in the system. For instance, bookings managers may create new bookings and update them. Activity instructors may have read only access to the system to see their own schedule.

Easy Access

Once installed on a central server, (on your LAN or the internet) immediately access Flexibook through your computer’s browser.

Powerful Automatic Tariffs

Set up rules to generate charges automatically for bookings, no matter how complex the charging scheme. Apply discounts and raise invoices.

Excellent Reporting

As a manager you can choose from a set of standard reports or create customised reports presenting the exact information you require.