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Van Sales

Significant Revenue Increase…. A client in the Access Platform industry was looking to extend their service offering to customers to include a faster stock replenishment facility within their customer service facility. Our client wanted to visit their customers on a more regular basis, without reducing the effectiveness of the fulfilment requirement of their warehouse. The investment in a new process increased the order value by 35% month on month.

Keeping Plant On-Hire…. With annual servicing and health and safety requirements for the platform within the powered access industry, the parameters require either annual servicing or an hours used based service. With large fleets, the service facility requires immediate availability of the right parts in the right place. This ensures utilisation of the plant equipment is maintained and thus margins. In the powered access industry it’s important that the plant is on hire and in a safe condition. The more time it’s in the service facility, the less revenue is generated.

A full system on mobile devices.... Working together with our client, we reduced the time at the warehouse from 4 to 2 hours, thus increasing engineer productivity. This allows our customer to visit more of their customers per day, thus improving customer contact time and service levels. We moved the application from part-manual, part-technology, to a full-technology solution, merging technologies utilising 3G GPRS, mobile printing and barcode scanning into the process.

Faster, Smarter and More Profitable.... The use of handheld devices with barcode scanner now allows the engineers to quickly scan parts bins and enter the quantity required. Once the inventory has been collected and a new replenishment order generated, the engineer is able to pick available parts from his Van stock or place items on back order for supply from the warehouse with full synchronisation to the back office system. Printer integration allows for the order to be printed to a wireless mobile printer.