Travel & Transportation

Fleet Management

Panoptic Systems Integration has a suite of applications geared towards Vehicle & Asset Tracking, Mobile Workflow, Van Sales and Vehicle Defect Data Capture.


More Control, Less Admin and a Safer Fleet....  EDD is an Electronic Defect Diary, utilizing an inexpensive PDA with integrated bar-code reader that allows the operator to automate the collection of data from Daily Walk-Round vehicle checks. The EDD system is designed specifically for Operator License Holders of both HGV and Public Service vehicles to comply with their legal obligations more efficiently.

The system is fully VOSA compliant and helps to improve vehicle safety, reduce breakdown rates and tyre failures and removes paperwork whilst improve your Operator Compliance Risk Score by ensuring you have the correct vehicle check information to hand and drivers are completing their checks at the start of every shift.

Telematics and Workflow

GPS vehicle tracking and asset tracking for your mobile workforce.... Thanks to web-based solutions such as vehicle tracking and telematics, you can enjoy total visibility of your assets and vehicles. Look forward to reduced travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs. You'll immediately see increased productivity and efficiency in your business.