Powered Access

Using I.T. for Smart Asset Management....  The powered access industry has gone from strength to strength over the last 25 years.  The use and convenience of a mobile platform has brought with it several important changes to the industry.  Increased training and on-going professional development are just two examples.  Managing your fleet of equipment to ensure that it is in tip top condition for use onsite, whether it is for own use or for hire, is critical.  This asset management includes the collection of key information of usage and maintenance history; parts service intervals and up to date manuals; asset net book value and life to name just a few. 

Panoptic has over 25 years’ experience with the hire business, implementing policies and procedures that streamline the process and creating information dashboards and mobile solutions to increase productivity.

cojent BMS (Booking Management System)

Significant Reduction in Administration....  Organisations offering training or activities often struggle to achieve centralisation of information. The result is unnecessary duplication of data entry and difficulty in providing easy access to vital information in the business. This results in additional administration and limits the volume of business possible, due to cumbersome, time consuming processes. These organisations can achieve significant savings in administration costs by streamlining processes into a central system that is able to talk to other key business systems such as certification bodies, SAGE accounts and asset management systems.

Simple and Intuitive....  cojent BMS will allow you to control and track the whole process of course booking management from initial enquiry to raising an invoice in your accounting system. The software is simple and intuitive to use and is designed to grow with your business with support for single or multiple users and staff schedule management, to ensure you never double book your training staff - even with multi-site courses.