Making the Changes that Matter....  The challenges facing the health care industry are huge.  Rising drug costs and living longer brings several factors that govern the future of delivery of these services to the consumer.  The role of the Pharmacy is being extended in order to reduce the burden of support from the GP.  This includes Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) that can now be done at the Pharmacy, better utilising their skills.  Reorganisation and training is a consequence of Business Process Change needed within the Pharmacy Sector.

Comprehensive Support.... A client in the medical sector came to us with a number of business issues that were affecting their ability to effectively manage the organisation day to day. Worries about network security and back-up, staff having access to the wrong files, insufficient remote access to the network for the senior partners and deteriorating server performance prompted them to call on Panoptic Systems for help.

Getting The Fundamentals Right…. The server room, at the centre of the organisation’s IT infrastructure contained poorly performing and unstable hardware with confusion regarding what piece of equipment did what. A complete reorganisation and overhaul of hardware was required to avoid impending failure. These preventative measures ensured that downtime was avoided, equipment life was extended and costs were reduced.

Security and Peace of Mind…. More control of domains and user rights was required to meet internal security and external compliance requirements. In addition, vital data was not being backed up off site, risking catastrophic loss of company information. With the reconfiguration of domains, correct user access rights and a fully managed Cloud back-up service, our client’s systems are now safe and secure.

Expert Hardware Guidance.... The NHS needs a reliable PC supplier that is able to provide a wide range of services such as guaranteed continuity of supply, excellent maintenance and support, short lead times, capable of meeting their on-going specification requirements, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and value for money.  Using our large network of UK and international suppliers, we are able to exactly match the customers’ needs.  Our many years of experience allow us to guide the clients to select a configuration that meets their needs for the life cycle of the product requirement.